Introducing changes to support our mental wellbeing does not always have to be on a grand scale. In times of stress and overwhelm it is often better to focus on Micro Changes that have a Macro Impact over time.


Here are 6 micro check-in's you can easily do throughout your day to support your mental wellbeing and build your resiliency.

Suggestions for use:

  • Print it out and pin it up in a visible place to prompt regular self check-in's 
  • Set a reminder or a task in your calendar or add reminders to a habit-building app to help build the resiliency habit of checking-in with yourself.​
  • Use as a resilience and mental wellbeing discussion starter with your team.
  • Choose a check-in item to improve on each week


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  • Build the resiliency habit of checking-in with yourself

  • Check-in's help inform positive changes to support overall wellbeing

  • Self check-ins promote mindfulness

  • Team check-in's are a safe way to encourage mental health discussions

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