Every December I encourage my coaching clients to reflect on the year that has been...the challenges faced, the results achieved and the unexpected opportunities that presented themselves.


It is important to look back to move forward. 

There is so much to be learned from our experiences if we make the time to reflect and learn.


This workbook will help you reflect on 2020 in a balanced way... that means not just focusing on the challenges and negative stuff that can often take up a lot of space in our brains but also reflect on what we have achieved, how we've grown and how we have adapted to change in our lives.


I encourage you to set aside some quiet time and approach the questions in this workbook with a spirit of openness, curiosity and compassion.

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  • Reflect on your achievements, development and decision making

  • Assess how you have responded to planned and unplanned change

  • Consider how you have demonstrated resilience, self-care & work | life | self balance

  • Learn from the past to inform your future

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