This is a practical workbook to help you build your resilience with self-care.


The rise in mental ill-health during COVID-19 has prompted me to release this workbook as a FREE resource. It contains extracts from my workshops and 1-to-1 coaching programs.


While it is not possible to pack in all the education and benefits that are delivered through the workshop facilitation process, there is still much to be gained from working through the workbook on your own, or with a friend or colleague.


My wish for you, is to build your resilience, so you can adapt to the increased pace of change, without sacrificing your mental wellbeing.

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  • Reflect on your current state of mental wellbeing

  • Know what fuels you and what's stopping you from allocating time for it

  • Identify warning signs of stress, mental health decline & burnout

  • Create your personalised Critical Self-Care Plan

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